Why Choose Application Lifecycle Management?

By Dawn Bradford

Many factors govern the life of an application, which is nothing but the software tool that a business house uses for running its business. What is Application Lifecycle Management may be a difficult term to define, but it has some basic needs and requirements. The technology that rules the market is changing very rapidly as is well known to all. A management process to control the business process therefore has to be synchronised with the requirements of the times, for it to be a useful tool.

The business process is short is translated into the software. The software has to be understood and learnt by the people who form the business house. The business process is all translated as the work flow of the procedure and this is important for the business house to know and learn about.

By gaining knowledge about the work process as it occurs in the software, the business house would be able to implement business practices easily into the system. These processes would be necessary to keep themselves up to date with that market changes. After all the market represents the customer and no customer ever remains static.

It is not only the changes that the business house is able to implement, but also checks that are required to ensure better quality of product or service. Learning the nuances that form the flowchart of the software process, would enable the think tank in the business house to know where when and how the quality check steps can be included.

Data flow and limiting the data to specific people only, can then be controlled by the top hierarchy. Need to know basis is a rule that one has to remember. A good business house cannot allow its data to be known to all as this would give away its strategy to other competitors.

Along with these advantages the most important aspect is that Application Lifecycle Management enables its users to generate reports based on which prediction of the future can be done quite accurately. Such a prediction means money to the business house and big amounts at that. ALM therefore is a necessity and of great value.

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