Coupon voucher generator using social platform to leverage business: shareable facebook coupons

By James Galloway

Shareable viral coupons and vouchers for business is leveraging from the viral power of social media like facebook and driving business promotion and sales upwards.

Coupons and vouchers are part of everyday life. Used by companies large and small to drive new and repeat customers to their products and services. It is continued to be seen in traditional paper back, on the TV, and more so now across the internet.

If you are in business and have not yet looked at running coupon or voucher campaigns, then you really need to take notes here. To start with it all comes down to the psychology in sales. If your competition is offering discounts and deals, straight away they are capturing the interest of your potential customers. It does not need to be a huge discount because its not what the consumer is saving, its the fact that they are getting a deal.

With coupons and vouchers its not about losing profit. Its about increasing your profit and the coupons are a leverage point. You need to work out what part of your products or services gives you the lowest return and work with that.

Now we should look at the true viral power and social trend unfolding online in the way of social media networks. Social networks hit the internet hard and continues to lead the way. Personal recommendation takes place day in and day out, online, and offline. Personal recommendation of a product or service is still by far the most powerful promotion or advertising.

So now imagine using a coupon or voucher campaign which works with social media. Here is a quick example for you. You are a restaurant owner, you set up a viral coupon campaign with any pasta meal 7 Monday evenings during September. In order for the consumer to get your coupon they must use the powerful facebook like button to generate it before they can print. While this takes place, the coupon link and deal is posted on their facebook wall for all to see.

Im sure you can see how powerful viral coupons are. The potential is huge for any business large or small. Take some time to further research this promotional tool and you could soon be leveraging from the viral power of coupon marketing and social media. Coupon generator.

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