Understanding SEO

By Max Ammo

When a user of the internet enters a search term into a search engine, the engine provides a list of web pages with what it considers to be relevant content by using a keyword the user has entered as a reference. When search engines first came about, they would have used link and tag management from many websites, but with so many users in todays' world sharing information across the internet they have had to evolve accordingly to manage the mass number of websites.

The way in which search engines have been made is so that they provide the user with a significant list of web pages for you to choose from by meaningfully sorting through website and linking them through related keywords. The specifics of the algorithms search engines used to this day and will no doubt forever remain non-public information, however certain criteria for search engine manipulation are always apparent.

Backlinks, sometimes known as inbound links, are helped when considering a website and its visibility. Backlinks are links to a website from another website/s. The popularity of a site is often determined by the amount of inbound links.

SEO backlinks are vital in improving a site's ranking. However, backlinking is not only measured in numbers but in the keyword relevance of the content of the website pointed to and the content of the website that links to it. Also, the text that serves as the link and descriptions attached to it are also evaluated for relevance to the keyword.

Backlinks that are accounted in search engine optimization are not always direct links to sites from other websites, specifically from one site owner to another. Backlinks made by an internet user to a site is also valued in search engine optimization. Social bookmarking enables users to manage and store links to webpage that they want to memorize or share to other people.

When a site becomes bookmarked it helps it with search engine positions as it is considered that the user or viewer of the site understood and liked the content and information provided on the bookmarked webpage. This in turn makes the description more significant and symbolic.

Another source of backlinking is to use web directories. Web directories show specifically categorized lists of websites. Submitting a website URL to a web directory allows website owners to have their URL included on the directory therefore adding a link back to their site. The link will be placed in a relevant category and more often than not has a description attached to it. These links are referred to as references for search engines. As with a lot of other aspects of SEO the more links included in directories the better, so it is advised to submit a link to more than just one directory.

If carried out well, backlinking is a fine way to get good rankings in search engine results. Anyone undertaking this task really needs to remember that search engines have been designed and updated to allow users to find significant and relevant results to their search term entered and therefore this should be executed properly and although the amount of backlinks to a site is important, it is equally important to make these backlinks relevant and significant alike in order for this to be an effective SEO strategy.

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