Facebook Is The Best Song Sharing Platform

By Hortense Cerza

Facebook is one of the most used social networks that offer many ways absolutely help interact with your relatives as well as friends. As Facebook helps in mailing private messages, chat with friends and also helps in sharing photos, it is estimated that in last year Facebook shares most popular songs than every other social networks. Facebook is also integrated along with music libraries like Spotify thus its playlists are huge and therefore are shared by the people.

In the start of Spotify it was not integrated by any social networking. Spotify added this integration for your ease of users and now they could share their favourite songs with their friends and also add comments about it. This feature of Spotify is loved from the users of Facebook and Spotify.

Sharing Music by Facebook

Facebook allows sharing music with your friends and relatives or it is possible to share your favourite track together with anybody. You have to just copy and paste the link of playlist or song to the Facebook and can share it with all. There is also a share button with music and video libraries like Spotify and iTunes, so you just have to select it for sharing

Integration of Facebook with Spotify

Facebook shares most popular songs due to the collaboration with other social systems and music streaming websites. Facebook is the most popular social media that allow users to share their activities not just on Facebook but also about other sharing websites. Spotify and Facebook are usually integrated now, which means you can share music together with your Facebook and Spotify friends simply by dropping playlists and track to them. You have to just select a track and drag it to the username and it will be sent to your friends' inbox.

Share Music by Using Share Buttons

There is also the share button which is found on a lot of the videos on YouTube and Spotify. To share any song together with your Facebook friends, you just have to media the share button and add your comment then it'll be shared with your friends. If you want to share the music not to all but to a certain friend and relative of your own, just Right-click on a playlist and copy & paste the link into your friend's email and it'll go into the friend's inbox.

Facebook Introduced "Listen With Friends Option"

Facebook announced "Listen With" option that allow users (friend and relatives) to listen to the same song simultaneously. The feature will also end up being integrated with other music your local library like Spotify and iTunes in the near future. Moreover, a user can see which friend is playing the same track by the particular chat sidebar. When a user clicks about the "Listen With" button, the music player will begin the same song that the person's friend is playing. Moreover, it also launches a new private chat window, so a friend can comment on the song.

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