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By James Galloway

With 7 years of development, GVO Technology presents the GVO Video Conferencing, application for your computers and laptops. This new software is equipped with a rich interface that is packed with features for online business meetings, presentations and more. It allows you to meet with hundreds of business partners, leads and prospective customers. There is no need to waste time and money to travel and pay for a conference room.

The GVO video conferencing app caters to the needs of both growing and large businesses. At only, $8.97 per month, the owners can enjoy large scale yet simplified tele-conferencing. Just pick a time and initiate a VOIP connection with the participants and you're good to go. You have the freedom of choosing between pure audio and video-conferencing through the secure VOIP connection. You can also exchange personal messages via typing.

As the person holding and initiating the conference you have certain abilities that can make the conference work more smoothly for you. Like the option to toggle on and off muting certain participants, or simply creating a list of contacts and adding them simply by one click of the mouse, and the ability to add or remove any participant at any moment.

Another, possibly better, feature of this great software's interface is that you have the ability to share files, documents, slide show presentations, photos, videos from your computer to all, or, selected participants. Imagine the simplicity of sharing a PowerPoint presentation in the comfort of your own chair, or sharing your desktop with others in the online room.

With this software you are able to toggle attendees in and out of the view of others, for example with the ability to have different moderators for each room, you can run your conference more smoothly as you can activate the next speaker allowing them to have their turn, and if any of the other attendees have a comment or question about what is being said you as the host are able to toggle their comment or question on to be visible to others in the online room.

Moreover, you can make important decisions online through the voting system of the video conferencing software. The poll feature allows every participant to elect an option and the software does the summarizing for you. Another convenient feature is the Conference Recording option. You can save the entire meeting for reviews or for participants unable to make it on the live conference.

GVO Video Conferencing is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac and Linux so there will be no issue of compatibility when using the software from different systems. Furthermore, with the global feature this application will be accessible to you from anywhere, at any time.

GVO Video Conferencing Software is by far the best of its type. The strong connections to multiple threads with the attendees give for a top-quality, streamlined video and audio online conference. And for those of you that like to try before you buy, why not set up a 'testing' account, then you can try out the free demo version of the software. The products website holds a host of information to help you hold a quality, professional conference using the great features GVO Conference software has to offer.

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