Returning Home Safe From Work

By Mikkael A McNicholaas

When I opened up my own dress shop, I did not realize that I would frequently be there until late, finishing up work. I didn't feel too secure about going home after dark but I had no choice.

I got much more scared as soon as I heard that a lady was attacked within my area. Fortunately for her, she had protection. This was how I found that many individuals seek the best stun guns for defense to stay unharmed.

Stun guns release an electric shock directly into the receiver's body the moment direct contact occurs. This, in turn, will immobilize the assailant for a few minutes, which will offer one time to run away.

As I shopped around, I discovered a Stun Master 950,000 volt rechargeable lipstick stun gun with flashlight. It was one of the smallest which I discovered and appeared to look like a lipstick case to remain undetected.

It was fascinating to discover that disguised stun guns offer the element of surprise. The purpose of this is to ensure that the target would never have a clue that he's about to get stunned. Even when I lack physical power, I will have an advantage over him in this manner.

Having a flashlight stun gun is very handy seeing as I normally start home very late in the evenings. With one, I'll be able to see better when it is dark and it is going to help me aim accurately at the assailant.

I didn't wish to be lugging a large gadget around so I was happy to have found a small stun gun. Given that it is compact and lightweight, I can bring it with me anywhere I go. At the same time, I can hide it in my hand, giving me an advantage over the attacker.

Now, I see why plenty of people go on the Web to shop for the best stun guns that are available for personal protection. Plus, the fact that all stun guns are non-lethal weapons makes me feel safe about having one around.

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