Six Methods To Create Money With Your Digital Camera

By Owen Jones

These are hard times for numerous people, so it is a good time to try to earn from multiple earning streams. Of course, numerous people are doing this already with a part-time second careers, but what if you could have more fun than working in MacDonald's on the weekend? Hilarious as that may be.

Most people have a camera - even a digital camera. I put it like this because you have more control over the image with a digital camera, so you have more opportunity of producing the photograph that you would like and this is important if you want to sell your work.

Pet Portraits: numerous individuals like to have portraits of their beloved cat or dog. These photos are not a problem to take, because animals are so photogenic. There are several ways you could play this or you could have several different choices, all at different rates

Option One: six photos of kitty in different situations on a CD

Option Two: as above, but with the client's favourite digital picture printed out and framed. You would offer a choice of sizes and frames at different prices here.

Option Three: as option one, but with an oil painting of the favourite picture again in different sizes and frames

You can use a printing service for option two until you can afford to purchase your own printer. The oil paintings you can have done in the Far East from photos.

Graduation Photographs: are very much appreciated by parents and grandparents and once again, you could offer at least three different choices. Graduation photos are a good notion because not everyone goes to their nearest college or university and parents cannot always be there.

Photograph Editing: many people have a digital camera or a cell phone that takes photographs, but not everyone has a computer, or editing software or knows how to use it if they do have it. You could edit, crop, brighten and frame their amateurish photos and create a lovely CD photograph album.

You could offer to create several themed photo albums from a jumble of hundreds of photographs that they have collected at random during the year(s).

Photo Presents: you could team up with a novelty gift store or a personalized gift store and turn people's favourite photos into personalized, novelty presents. Photographs, especially digital photographs, can be transferred to almost anything these days: coffee mugs, beer mats, coasters, T-shirts, postcards, calendars, pens, ties, you name it.

Framed Photographs: places like waiting rooms, front offices, taverns and restaurants like to have tasteful pictures on the wall. You could offer a set of photographs on a theme to each establishment according to what they would like. A construction firm might like photos of the board and of their best jobs (presumably they are still standing).

Pub landlords frequently move around a fair bit, so they could have a set of photographs of taverns they have owned. Or a series of photos of the current pub, with some historical captions.

Prized Photographs: numerous people with expensive possessions like photos of them - a beautiful home, boat, car or model. Go to the local marina, walk down an expensive street or go to an enthusiasts club meeting (go-kart racing, radio controlled models). Go to fights or local fashion shows and offer photographs to contestants or models.

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