Driving Traffic from Youtube - What You Need to Know

By Monika Smith

If you've been an Internet marketer even for a while, you should know the importance of targeted traffic. Unless you have a consistent and reliable flow of visitors to your website, you aren't going to be able to find success. You have all sorts of techniques for generating traffic to choose from but right now we are going to talk about leveraging YouTube. It's the truth: there is a lot of success to be had by using YouTube for this. If your video goes viral or becomes popular, you can get thousands of highly targeted visitors for your website very quickly. So the question in this situation is: how do you raise your chances for success with YouTube? Let's find out...

Getting a higher number of views for your video should be your first priority. This means that you are going to need to take the correct steps so that you can get more exposure for your videos. One great way to achieve this is to film video responses for already popular videos.

Don't just make a response for any old video that has a high view rate. You should only respond to the videos that are targeted toward your niche. When you create quality video responses, the traffic levels for your own videos will automatically get higher. Your videos can then feed much higher quality levels of traffic to your website too.

Experimenting and trying out new ideas with your videos is really important if you want to achieve long term success. Trying to assume which videos will and won't go viral is a waste of time. You should be ready to move out of your comfort zone, and actually create videos that break barriers. Offer your audience a video that is a real experience, you won't be sorry that you did. Yes, you might not be successful at all times, but you will learn from your failures. So, just for a while, stop following the same old "how to make videos" advice you've been given and do what your instincts tell you to do.

Another good way to make your video successful on YouTube is to help people with it. Make a "how to" video in which you show your prospects how things are done. You will be teaching your viewers in exchange for getting their attention. This will make them want to go to your site. If people think your videos are helpful, you'll get lots of traffic flowing in to your website or your blog. This will help people start to think that when you can give them so much, they must be able to get even more from your website. There's just something about YouTube traffic that makes it tick. The people who find your videos interesting and then visit your site are more highly targeted but is that the only reason? No; YouTube is actually seen more as a growing video centric search engine that can index every single video out there. This social website is incredibly popular and it is that popularity that makes it worth going after. Your ability to potentially reach millions and millions of very targeted viewers makes YouTube a dream come true for almost every Internet Marketer. So if you have yet to put the power of YouTube to work, now is the time to do so.

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