How To Protect Yourself While Completely Unable To Move

By Cristopher P Mikal

A sports injury on the leg has me walking with crutches for what could be more than a year. It would seem like my disability makes me an easy target of hecklers and troublemakers, and it may just be a matter of time just before I get assaulted.

One friend who has pepper spray for self-defense suggested that I sample one of its more recent variants, like gel, but I do not quite know where to start. What is the best pepper spray gel for an individual like me out of the many options that I am seeing?

A defense spray triggers an acute burning sensation on the skin and in the eyes, blocks the airways, brings about persistent coughing as well as gagging, and swells the eyes shut. These effects are non-lethal and momentary, though.

Pepper spray in gel form uses a far more potent solution and is working at longer ranges than ordinary defense sprays in a liquid stream. From what I gather, pepper gel also is made up of far less contaminants and flammable materials.

I have asked around and found out that gel pepper spray adheres to the skin similar to glue. An assailant had better not try to rub it off, as it will only pervade the pores even more and cause more pain.

A strong variant which I have found and am pretty determined trying is the Wildfire 18% pepper gel sticky pepper spray. Its 9 oz. container outfitted with a pistol grip can send out 38 one-second bursts for a good 20 feet.

While that size seems to be perfect for home and vehicle use, and possibly when camping or outdoors, there are more portable 2 and 4 oz. variants also. Used indoors, these follow a single spraying direction and are not likely to hit anyone accidentally.

I suppose that it comes down to what self-defense tool you can best work with. What is the best pepper spray gel for you, yourself, given your physical strength and also abilities? I do feel that your acquisition ought to be an informed choice.

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