Some Helpful Tips on How to Sell Old Coins in Atlanta

By Glen Phillips

There are profitable ways to sell old coins in Atlanta, and we'll address in this article some tips and guidelines to help you receive the most for your coins. The numismatics business is currently enjoying a peak in both old coin collecting and precious metals. You can now benefit in one of a couple of different ways. One, sell your old coins as a collector's item, or two, sell them based on the amount of precious metals. The spot price of precious metals in the market today, most notably gold and silver, is steadily rising which means there's a good bit of opportunity no matter the approach you take when you sell old coins in Atlanta.

But first, you have to understand how the old coin industry works. For instance, do you know what an old coin is? An old coin is actually a loose term which can cover any range of circumstances. Knowing what these circumstances are will determine the value of the old coins. For instance, there are U.S. old coins that were minted prior to 1965 or old coins from other countries, such as Canada, Russia, Spain, Germany, and Great Britain that sell at a premium. The aforementioned coins are all highly sought after coins, but have varying values depending on the condition, where it was minted, the actual year it was minted, and its current market value. Each of these old coins and those that come from other countries can be sold for more than you might think if you know how to find the right buyer.

Consider these tips when you decide to sell old coins in Atlanta so you can get maximum value for your items.

1. Most if not all old coins have a bit of dirt and grime on them. This is okay and expected. Most coin collectors prefer coins in their original condition, even if they're not the most aesthetically pleasing, so don't clean your coins, as collectors and coin buyers can easily spot coins that have been cleaned and may pay you less for coins that have been altered.

2. Don't settle for just any coin dealer in Atlanta. Just like in any other business, there are less than ethical coin buyers that at times can affect the image of the industry. To protect yourself, look for coin dealers who have been in business a long time and that have built a good reputation among other coin dealers and the community he lives in. Focus on family-owned coin dealers and those recommended by people you know. This is a crucial point in your efforts to turn old coins into the most cash possible, so don't rush.

3. You should also pay close attention to how coin dealers interact with individuals that are new to the industry. Are they helpful in answering your questions or do they primarily seem to be concerned with making a quick purchase or sale? This is an excellent way to ascertain if you should be doing business with the coin dealer in Atlanta that you've selected. Don't be hesitant to ask other coin dealers about someone you are interested in selling your old coins to, but do take their word with a grain of salt, as their primary motive may be to purchase your coins and criticize their competition.

If you are a busy person with not much free time to spend looking for good and trustworthy coin dealers, then rely heavily on the internet instead of settling for a rush sale. There are many online dealers who have earned an outstanding reputation for being up-front and professional. You will get good and fair quotes, and the transaction will be a pleasant and convenient experience. Your old coins cold be worth a lot of money and selling them at this point in time seems to be a prudent decision; however, it's important that you do your homework prior to doing so to receive the most cash possible when you sell old coins in Atlanta. Hopefully the above tips will save you time and a few dollars once you've made a decision to sell your old coins.

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