Tablet PC battle: it is difficult for Amazon advance into the international market

By Jerri Lily

The market research firm NPD data show that the fourth quarter of last year, Apple still is the overlord of the letter on the tablet PC market, market share up to 59.1%, Amazon came in second place with 16.7 percent market share.

At first glance, this result is similar to the data released last week by market research firm iSuppli, the only major difference is that data from iSuppli, the book retailer Barnes & Noble's market share was slightly higher than the Asus.

NPD has raised an interesting question in the report, iPad sales growth in all markets in the Kindle Fire, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the Nook the Tablet only sales in the U.S. market. The ranking of NPD, despite respectively ranked third and fourth, but Samsung and Asus Tablet PC business, the strong performance of the regional markets in the Europe, Middle East and Africa.

If you can explore the international market, the growth of Amazon and Barnes & Noble on the tablet PC market will be faster, so that competitors feel uneasy. Silk in the Kindle Fire in the browser may not comply with EU privacy law, the Amazon to explore the international market is more difficult than the competitors.

If the iPad experience real competitor must come from the hands of the company, such as Samsung or Asus. Amazon runner-up status is relatively stable, the other companies in order to become the runner-up on the tablet PC market, they should need to go beyond it. Such as Barnes & Noble, although he was never trying to become the Tablet PC market leader like Apple, but recently it has taken steps to compete with Amazon in the low-cost tablet PCs on the market.

While this may not make Amazon panic, but Samsung, Asus is more powerful development capabilities, less expensive Tablet PC, it should make Amazon feel a little uneasy. iPad 3 will be released soon, Apple may be in the future for a long period of time to maintain the hegemony of the Tablet PC. However, the Tablet PC market is still sufficient space to compete for runner-up of other brand name products.

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