A Simplistic Primer To The Processes Of Domain Name Setup

By Carson Holcomb

One thing that you will be required to go through when you set up website for personal or business use is to get domain names for your web property. To do that you will have to go through the process of domain registration where you get a unique name for your website. This is a simple guide to the steps that are required to complete this process as well as some special points that you need to pay attention to in this process.

Paying the registration fees to the internet registrar of your choice allows you to rent the usage of whatever domain you select for the period you pay for. During that time that can be up to ten years what you have picked becomes your unique name for your website. The registrar sends this information to the companies like ICANN who manage this naming system as well as to the Domain Name Servers or DNS that are the master record keepers for the internet.

To take the first step in this process collect all your basic personal or business information. During the sign-up process that information is linked to your domain name so you are identified as the owner of that name and any associated website. Information on whatever service you will use to pay the associated fees should also be collected.

Then comes the research phase which has two parts to finish in this process. The first part is to pick a group of names that you would want for your website. If you are selling a service or product a keyword matching approach where the name is related to the service or product you would want to sell would be a good approach. For larger sites that are designed to attract certain groups or cover a large topic a branded approach were you find a memorable or unique name would be the best option. It is important to have a group of names or a couple where you can have a different internet suffix such as net or biz available.

The next part of the research phase is to check online services to see if the names you want are available. Many registrars offer a free search feature that will let you see if the name or variations of it will be available for purchase. So depending on how popular the term you are going for is it may be available or you may have some work finding a name that you can use.

The next step is to choose a registrar to complete the sign-up process and to obtain the name you have chosen. There are many sites that have reviewed your choices you have with this service in the marketplace. So do a comparison of such points as price and array of services each provider has available to make your final decision on who to use.

Take all the information you have collected and then start the sign up process for your web name. You will fill in your or your company information and how long you want to register the domain for before you need to renew. Then pay the charges and wait a few hours while your registrar sends the information on your new domain to the companies that need the information as well as to Domain Name Service servers on the internet which offer that information to other machines that request information on your new name.

The next step after obtaining the name you will use for your website and finishing the domain registration process is to get a hosting company. These services provide the server space as well as often some tools that are required to build your future website. With these two items in place all you need is the time and effort it takes to create a website on the internet.

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