Ideas for Increasing Your Newsletter Subscriber Base.

By Jarad Gibbs

Need some ideas to help you get the attention of some extra reliable subscribers to your newsletter? If you have been wondering this, hopefully this article will highlight this issue with a few essential ideas that will aid your search for new subscribers...

Join Forces with Other Newsletters to Trade Ads. There are probably many newsletters out there that are trying to target the same audience as you if you are in popular niche. You can gain many more subscribers quickly if you can team up with other newsletter publishers. A lot of newsletters are open to trading ads with other similar newsletters, so why not take advantage of this? Contact the newsletter publishers that are in your niche to see if they are interested in trading ads since it be beneficial for all. Before sending out "spam" type of requests, make sure that you subscribe to the publishers newsletter so you can familiarize yourself with the kind of content they publish. Since it's a 'give and take' situation, you need to make sure that you find the right partner to work with, and that will only happen when there's mutual respect.

How A Thank You Page Promotion Works: Talk to other newsletter publishers in your niche to see if they are willing to promote you on their 'Thank You' page if you promote them on yours. After people are finished subscribing to a newsletter they are usually in an open mode. So when you utilize the 'Thank You' page, you're actually making it easy for yourself to get your newsletter exposed to a new set of audience by striking a simple partnership with other publishers. Recommending other newsletters on your 'Thank You' page can actually be a positive thing and won't affect your reputation. They'll actually be happy that you're recommending them some new resources that may prove to be helpful to them.

A Contest Can Bring You New Subscribers: By running a contest, you can give people a reason to sign up for your newsletter. What you give away is something that you need to decide, but even if the prize costs you some money, it's well and good. In order to sign up for the contest, of course, people will have to subscribe to your newsletter. You don't, however, just want random subscribers, so keep your contest and prize consistent with the theme of your newsletter. Don't make the contest too complicated or confusing, but make it as simple and straightforward as possible, with all the rules clearly posted.

There you have it! Simple to use tips that once put into action will increase your newsletter subscriber numbers.

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