Stickiness Essentials for Your Business Blog

By Geof McCoy

Making your blog successful involves many different factors from the content to the traffic, everything is important. A sticky blog is one in which visitors stay a while and even return because they find value. Hey, anytime you can make people stick around and read and explore, then that is a great accomplishment. Also related to this is being in the position to make people want to come back for more. We know you want your blogs to be sticky and get returning traffic, so then that means you have to learn and do. Let's take a few minutes and explore what is going on and what you should do.

Perhaps the majority of IM marketers never think about how their brand can be created and leveraged. Anytime you are talking about branding, you should think about brand awareness because that is an integral part of the process. Your visitors must never have to guess about the purpose of your blog or what you are trying to accomplish. Use every element of your blog to communicate to your readers as to what your blog's all about. This will help you create an effective brand that really matters.

The best blogs do not rely on one format or approach when it comes to content. Just like with art, it is next to impossible to predict what people will like or dislike. The point here is to call attention to posts that past readers have found to be what they like. The more you focus on this one factor, the better you'll be able to impress your readers. Ultimately, you're giving real value to your readers by taking this step, and when you give value, you automatically make them come back for more.

There are different strategies that follow the idea of creating a series of related posts about a topic, and this is to encourage people to want to return. Creating a little curiosity and anticipation with your posts like this can be very powerful. This obviously leads to repeat visits by the reader; so yes, creating a moment definitely helps. Keep people thinking and unable to predict what kind of content or format you will use next.

Every blogger wants to taste success, but some go for short term goals and some aim for long term objectives. So take a look and determine your own set of goals, and if you do not have any then this is the time to create them. A lot of bloggers fail because they are hasty in their approach, which is definitely not good. By aiming short term, your focus is not on giving value but more on the monetary factors. All people want to get something that will help them in some way, and you should play to that desire.

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