Handwritten Invitations: Why Bridal Couples Should Choose It

By Harold Cooper

Sure, you can compose the final copy of your wedding invitation on word processing in five to ten minutes, but where is the excitement in that? This is your wedding we are talking about, and preparing your invitation definitely shouldn't be as easy as writing a brief note to your boss on a regular workday. Although everything can be done with your PC, you can ignore the thought of having your invitations printed out by creating mementos of your wedding day with a fountain pen.

Meanwhile let's have some history lessons. Handwritten invitations became a part of matrimonial tradition in 18th-19th century Europe. Back then, organising an event and asking for people's attendance were supposed to be very formal, which means that an occasion as big as a wedding was regarded with such importance. The invitations therefore should speak for the occasion. They must be written personally, crafted with style and hand-delivered to the guests.

The cost of these materials is without doubt less costly than passing the job to a wedding printer shop, which means that you'll save a few hundreds of dollars in your budget and spend it for other expenses, like dresses or food catering.

The problem with handwritten invitations, however, is that the couples are expected to have great handwriting. Couples whose handwriting are similar to the Egyptian hieroglyphics are thereby not suitable for this project.

Guests measure what they expect from the event through the invitation, so it's critical to choose a fine, durable paper with a very rich texture. Invitations serve as one of the souvenirs from the occasion, so make sure that the paper is something worthy keeping in people's souvenir boxes.

Good handwriting is a requirement in preparing handwritten wedding invitations, and this can be achieved by learning a few calligraphy strokes and of course by having a good fountain pen. What's important is that the handwriting is legible, confident, and bold. A high quality fountain pen is advised as it can yield accurate and uniform strokes and provide a kind of sophisticated declaration.

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