Do You Have Security Problems In Your Home Or Business?

By Owen Jones

Security is an essential aspect of life, but then it always has been. It is normal for parents to try their best to take care of their families and it is normal and even a legal requirement for an employer to ensure the safety of his or her staff. Part of the way we carry out these tasks is to defend the environment in which we live and work - our homes and our offices or other places of work.

A proper security system for our homes and businesses is usually an electronic system. Windows and doors - ie likely entry points - will be monitored by sensors. In order to maintain an operational security system, it is necessary to use a regularly changed password system. In a home the keypad will usually be numeric only, but you should change the password at least every month and possibly even every week.

For example, if you have teenage children or older, they will be bringing friends back. These friends will be able to see you child entering the password. This can be even more serious if the person is a boyfriend or girlfriend who subsequently gets dumped.

Likewise in an office or other place of work, it is a good idea to have pass cards that can be canceled if the employee leaves the firm. A lot of damage is caused every year to property by discontented ex-employees and old boy- and girlfriends.

You can help passers-by and police by leaving some light on inside your building. Frequent passers-by, neighbours and police will get accustomed to seeing lights on, so if a burglar switches them off, they will become suspicious.

Burglars do not like light. Similarly, do not let bushes, shrubs or trees hide possible entry points. Keep them cut back so that people can see any doubtful activity. You would be astonished how many people just sit in their windows all day watching.

Outdoor security lighting is an excellent way of deterring criminals at night. Set up a few solar garden lights that are switched on by passive infra red motion sensors and they will be cheap to run. The good thing about them is that they do not announce their presence to the would be burglar, but they will catch him or her in a floodlight when he enters your property.

Another tip is to nail carpet gripper just under the top edge on the inside of your garden fence. Anyone trying to haul himself up over your fence will have a very horrible shock and leave DNA for the police.

If your business or home has an open door policy in order to allow clients or your kids to walk in, install doorbells or chimes that are triggered by under carpet sensors, door sensors or PIR's, so that employees or family can not be caught by surprise. It is very useful, because if your busy secretary doubles as a meeter of walk-in clients, it will guarantee that she does not miss anybody or keeps anybody waiting.

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