Smokeless Cigarette Fundamentals for Beginners - Choosing Basic Equipment

By Tariku Haque

Those interested in transitioning from traditional cigarettes to the electronic version often find the variety of model options overwhelming. In addition, there are choices to make in terms of flavors, nicotine concentration, and appearance. Experienced users agree that successfully switching requires the same patience given to learning anything new. Openness to experimentation is helpful, in order to find the best fit. Experts offer the following tips for beginners in the process of choosing basic equipment. When it comes to models that are reliable, user-friendly, and reasonably priced, there are three standouts recommended by the users polled. Note that model numbers are the same across brands, and they refer to the type of thread that attaches the battery to the atomizer. The selection of components and replacement parts will note the model number, ensuring you purchase parts that will fit together. Try the 510 large-format, which features a larger sized battery, or the regular sized 510 in either the two- or three-piece version. Alternatively, new users have had success with the KR808, which comes in a regular sized two-piece model.

Models come in either automatic or manual versions, which refer to how the vaporizer is activated. Automatic e cigarettes are triggered by the act of inhaling through the mouthpiece, setting off a pressure sensitive switch located inside the device. New users often prefer this method, due to the similarity to traditional cigarettes. The manual style must be turned on by hand with a tiny button, but benefits include greater protection from liquid leaks and longer battery life. Either option does not require a long-term commitment. The other battery can be purchased and attached to the e cigarette, as long as the model numbers match.

It is tough to say what amount of nicotine might best suit your needs, as the change in delivery from tobacco products produces different experiences for different users. Average strength is 18 mg, which is a good starting point. Signs that it is too strong include headache and dizziness, while signs that it is too weak are intense cravings, familiar to most as the side effects of quitting smoking. Choosing flavors also requires trial and error, so purchasing small amounts of a wide variety is the recommended approach. In terms of quantity, experimentation will clarify your specific needs, but to begin with, plan for the average 2-3 ml per day.

None of the parts to an electronic cigarette are considered long-term investments. Batteries are advertised with an average lifespan of 200 charges, but this estimate often falls short. Atomizers must be replaced, usually after a month or so, and cartomizers can either be replaced or manually refilled a few times before discarding. Seasoned users suggest that having backups for all parts is wise in order to avoid frustration, as it is inevitable that something will stop working or run out at the least opportune moment.

In an effort to ensure that those new to e cigarettes have good experiences, manufacturers now offer starter kits that include all of the equipment necessary to get started. These are an excellent choice to avoid the frustration of missing or ill fitting parts.

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