Online whiteboard presentation software for global collaboration

By James Galloway

Whiteboard presentations have been conducted for hundreds of years. It is a way for a company or business to present ideas, updates, and advertise. Collaboration is so important for a business and by far one of the best ways is to do a whiteboard presentation.

I believe that whiteboard sharing is the best form of close collaboration! However there are lots who debate this as PowerPoint is a valuable contender. But look at them closely and you will see that PowerPoint is not as flexible as a whiteboard meeting. You are restricted with content layout and direction being that of the slides. It runs through a series of pre-built slides which tell a particular story without room for change. The whiteboard however, gives plenty of room to think on the spot, interact with the attendees and move from there also, giving you tonnes of flexibility.

Due to this being such a successful off line meeting and collaboration tool it only made sense that you can now get it as an online tool. It was only waiting for technology to allow really, and then this meeting replicating software was developed. It goes further than you would expect. Due to its global reach and being able to seat many people at once the online version is actually better than the traditional board and pen.

Online Whiteboard software allows you to connect globally. You do not need to plan a meeting to early in advance and hope everybody can make it to the venue. You can host an online white board meeting within minutes of planning it, and anybody with an internet connection can attend regardless of where they are in the world.

You can see how this kind of software is much better than that of its off line version which has held huge value for years. The best solution is to go with a conference platform which includes this as a feature along with many other tools.

Keep an eye out for free trial accounts. This is by far the best way to learn how to use it. Get a free trial and jump straight in, get a few people together so you can give it a test run.

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