Why People Should Think About Applying A Suntan Spray Instead Of Tanning

By Haywood Hunter

For many years, people who wanted to get a nice bronzed look went out and laid in the sun. While this works for the most part, it also makes you vulnerable to a number of skin conditions related to excess sun exposure. Some of them are merely annoying, while others can prove fatal. Combined, they make up the reasons to considering using a suntan spray.

In current news, skin cancer due to excess sun exposure is a popular subject. Scientists have recognized that extended exposure to UV light, which is a non-visible component of sunlight, can cause mutations in cellular DNA. Because the skin is the most exposed to the sun, it is the most affected. These cells, which grow in an abnormal manner due to the mutations caused by sunlight, are cancer.

UV light affects the skin alone for the most part, because it does not penetrate past this biological barrier. The most common type of skin cancer is fairly treatable and not likely to spread. However, a very dangerous form of skin cancer that often spreads and proves fatal can also occur. It is called malignant melanoma.

Unwanted side effects of excess sun exposure are not limited to cancers. Spending too much time in the sun can also cause your skin to show effects of damage to cells in other ways. Two are these are premature and more extensive wrinkling, and the production of age spots.

Keeping yourself out of the sun is one of the easier things that you can do to keep healthy. A simple moisturizer with sunscreen incorporated in it can be a valuable tool. Women can purchase makeup with an SPF of 15 or more, as well. These are quite adequate for daily wear, although using a sunscreen with a higher SPF when you anticipate spending more time in the sun is a good idea. Protective clothing is also beneficial.

People often confuse getting sunburn with incurring skin damage. Actually, even people who rarely or never sunburn can be damaging their skin with excess exposure to the sun. Sunburning or not is not a good indicator of whether you skin is becoming damaged, and should not be relied on. This applies to both light and dark-skinned individuals.

Choosing to use a suntan spray instead of getting a natural tan is a good idea for people who want to safeguard their future health and appearance. Modern sprays are much better at mimicking a natural appearance, and can even produce a gradually darkening shade, such as would be naturally acquired. Avoid excess sun, and enjoy a bronzed appearance with modern technology, instead.

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