BBB In a Nutshell

By Josie Lynn

BBB is always renowned for their transparent business policy, integrity, ethics and consumer protection. But there is some question arises about trustworthiness and neutrality of this organization because one must clear about its name. "Bureau" is associated with its name, but this is not a government agency. They not get any financial help from government. The main source of its income is membership fees which are paid by accredited company of this organization. So, Better Business Bureau is depending on companies renewals for its funding. This dependency creates a probability to break the transparency of grading system. In fact there are various examples which go against this organization.

The factors which play important role to increase or decrease BBB rating are - First, complain history about company. This organization at first checks number of complaints about the company and then evaluates them according to seriousness of the complaint. If consumer gets satisfactory respond from company to resolve the complaints in proper time. Whether company gives its best effort to satisfy its customer or failed to fulfill customer expectation. The elements and associated grades which are related to complaint history are Complaint Volume (20 to 2), Unanswered Complaints (20 to (-21)), Unresolved Complaints (10 to 1), Serious Complaints (15 to 0), Complaints Analysis (8 to (-12)), Complaint Resolution Delayed (0 or (-5)), Failure to Address Complaint Pattern (0 or (-5)).

Trustworthiness is main factor for BBB accredited companies because this organization follows a structured way to ensure consumer trust for companies. This organization describes trust in two different factors - performance and integrity. Performances mean business track record and quality of service provided by business organization. Integrity consists of intent, respects and ethics. This organization also takes step against fraud and unhealthy decision of the companies. To fulfill consumer expectation this organization gives importance on five key factors - Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Trust and Respect.

"Time in Business" (8 to -10) is another factor of evaluation of company's trustworthiness. If company have not proper information about timing of business then BBB request company to give proper information about this matter. Organization checks the reliability of the information and check the company profile. Background Information also carries 5 or 0 grade point. If fails to provide proper background information or not clarify the practice and purpose of business, there is chance to get lower grade.

BBB also monitors other factors like Commitments to Better Business Bureau, Government authorization and license (0 to (-30)), misuse of logo and name of organization for advertising (0 - (-41)), Revocation (0 to (-10)) and Arbitration or Mediation (0 to (-41)).

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