Relevance Of Hall Test Procedure To Market Research?

By Bryan James

Actually market research is a complex study where one has to evaluate the behavior of the market under various situations. This underlines the complexity of the market analysis. While making analysis issues like the nature of the product, the competition it faces, the price etc will have to be considered. These can be effectively understood with a proper survey. So, it obvious that such specialized jobs should be entrusted to experienced and well qualified agencies like the market research agency Yorkshire.

The foundation for market survey is market research. The agency sends its field staff for door to door survey or through telephone conversation with the user or by sending questionnaire etc. The approach is more relevant to such products which can be sold by description. But, in case of products which are required to be seen or tasted or even touched to be felt is totally different. This is because without these, the user cannot form an opinion about the product. In such cases Hall Test method is considered to be effective.

Renowned market research agencies like Face Facts have been successfully adopting the Hall Test procedure. In this case, the agency will identify the participants and call them over telephone or send invitations to them to assemble at a particular time, date and place. When the participants assemble, the agency will introduce the product adequately provide all the information about the product. The participants are requested to see the product and touch them and they can even taste before giving their opinion on the product.

Of course this procedure is more relevant to food products like bakery products, pre-cooked products, drinks etc. According to expert market researchers this method is a more realistic approach because the participants feel and even taste the product and then express their opinion. The participants give a realistic picture about the product because they have come there as willing participants and therefore they give fairly realistic opinion.

The normal procedure is to conduct door to door survey so as to get the opinion of the users of a particular product. In reality, all the persons whom the field staff meets may not participate in the exercise and even if they participate it may be half hearted participation. Such opinions cannot be considered realistic. Further, this form of survey is expensive and time consuming. Moreover the field worker should be sufficiently experienced in drawing conclusion to the reaction of the participant.

It is found that Hall Test approach has become an accepted procedure by most of the popular agencies including the market research agency Yorkshire. This is because the opinion drawn from the participants in such interactive sessions are realistic and hence they are highly dependable. The other advantage of this method is it saves time and less expensive. Experts say such realistic opinion should always be valued.

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