Generating Website Traffic While Not Utilizing Traffic Exchange Systems

By Jarad Gibbs

Many people, when they are trying to get traffic to their website, turn to traffic methods that simply are not effective. Traffic exchange programs are one of those programs that are not worth using. If you haven't used traffic exchanges, do yourself a favor and don't waste your time because the traffic you get is simply no good. You won't be receiving any sales from the website traffic you get. It will get you traffic but the traffic is not going to usually help you make sales of what you are promoting. Your best bet is to stay away from the traffic exchange systems and find other programs where you can promote your products or affiliate links.

The first website traffic program I want to share with you is Leads Leap. I am certain you already have an idea as to what a Google ad looks like. This program lets you create an ad like that and have it shown all over their site and blog. You have two options when you join Leads Leap. Your first alternative is to register for free and refer other people and you will earn credits that will be used for displaying your ads. Your second option is to sign up for the paid membership. If you think that being a paid member is worth it (which it is), make sure to sign up for the paid membership when you join instead of waiting to upgrade later. The great thing about being a paid member is you will find that you get traffic without referring new members, but if you decide to refer people as a paid member, you will not only be getting more advertising but you will also earn a commission on anyone that you refer if they upgrade.

There is one more good program called Free Traffic Bar, that can generate website traffic without doing anything. This is another program that lets you join for free or to choose a paid option. If you join at no cost, you will be able to earn advertising credits without referring new members. When and if you bring in new members, you will even get more free ad credits. Now they have paid memberships and if you opt to sign up for one of the paid memberships, you get free advertising credits. The amount of advertising credits you receive every month depends on the membership you choose.

Furthermore, by using a program called My Huge List, you will be able to build a mailing list of prospects that you can send your offers to. If you have used other list builders in the past, you will discover that this list builder is different from the others. My Huge List again has two options. You can sign up free of charge or be a paid member. As mentioned, My Huge List is different and you will only be getting a couple of emails every day and you will be able to email everyone in your down line every 2 to 5 days. So unlike other list builders online, you will not be sent hundreds of emails each day. While you will be building your email list, the people you recruit will also be helping you to build your mailing list, making My Huge List a real viral list builder.

Basically, you will be able to get traffic that can result in generating sales other than using traffic exchanges that will simply leave you wanting. The challenge is finding enough programs in order to generate enough site traffic. Of course, the programs enumerated are actually a great way to get started. The other thing is that you don't need to pay a fortune in order to get the traffic you need, in order to be successful with your online business.

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