Oracle Postgres Conversion Using The Right Methodology And Tools Can Be Both Successful And Advantageous

By Sarah P. Arbuckles

Once you have become aware of all the benefits of utilizing an Oracle Postgres Conversion to upgrade your database and applications to a more modern format you will need to select a services company that can perform successfully to establish the transition with quality and accuracy. Tools that were previously available for the conversion process were often cumbersome and time-consuming which added to the months of work with the data that was impossible to code and test resulting in outrageous costs.

Today it is possible to create interface code and perform the translation with a unique tool that was designed through much innovation for new applications. Using this tool can reduce the translation time to one month, which is much more acceptable by the customer as well as cost-effective. The Oracle postgres conversion was previously very difficult because of the proprietary nature which involved expensive recoding along with extensive testing. Any conversion largely impacts the translated stored database procedure that interfaces with the client codes rendering this a very difficult and costly task

The conversion process can be more successful for both the customer and service provider by some newly developed methodology. A technically sound proposal is developed from information that is collected and analyzed from your database by running a unique tool created for that purpose. Once this is examined and accepted by all parties involved, your new database is designed and developed keeping you updated along the way with the details. The test data that was collected is implemented in the next step to populate the new database and identify any changes that may be necessary. Stored procedures, triggers and chosen features can also be converted during the operation. Many times if your application was fine tuned to use your previous database we can make some performance improvements.

Now is the time to perform basic unit test for the Oracle to postgreSQL database, basic SQL statements and access.

Company programs in a proposed percentage are implemented to run a final test for acceptance. You can be allowed remote access to your new database on the servers to execute your own testing while the new database is still located on the server which will avoid any interference with your existing database and production processing.

Then your new database and applications are shipped to your site and support for the final testing and deployment of your new system. Once in production you can choose to provide your own support that is now possible with an open source database like postgreSQL or contract for a support subscription to assist you.

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