Website Security Through PHP Programmed Utilities

By Mirza Kamal

Internet protection is everyone's concern nowadays. For some people the importance of protection is low whereas for some it's high. We can see this from the example that for people who run websites on which they allow people to sell or buy things, internet protection is vital otherwise they might as well be handing electronic money to strangers. On the contrary, someone hosting an internet blog needs only to worry about the security of the online accounts of people involved.

PHP is probably the most famous programming language nowadays regarding web programming. This is a server-side language that operates on the computer on which a particular website is stored and put online. The main features of this language include algorithm discretion. This language is the mirror opposite of JavaScript language which operates on the computer from which the website is accessed.

The beauty of the PHP language is that it can be used to for programming in its core and it can also be used along with some of its famous frameworks to build and maintain some pretty large scale websites. Some of the most famous templates or frameworks made in this language are pretty well known in non-programmers as well. These include Wordpress, Joomla and OS Commerce.

Another type of site security is protection of website data against viruses deployed by hackers. This type of intrusion has been common ever since computers were born and to this day this threat remains because as the number of brilliant software engineers rise, so does the number of intelligent hackers. Still there are many built-in features of webhosts that give core data of websites a considerable level of protection.

Nowadays from the very beginning of the programming of a website, the programmer needs to keep website security in check even if it is just to protect the accounts of the users or administrators. The ASP language is developed by Microsoft and it is the second most used server-side scripting language. Both ASP and PHP have heavy security features instilled in their very cores because the time they were produced, computer hacking was at its peak.

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