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By Rosalba Powells

One of the most difficult parts of SEO is the Link Building function. Actually there are two primary components of SEO, the on page optimisation and the off page optimisation. On page SEO refers to the SEO part wherein one will be working on a website and structures each web page that for the purpose of giving it a rank. Off page SEO then happens when one is making an action to build a link to linkback to your website. Link building is something that is very hard for most SEO specialists since once you do the link building, you do not have any power to manipulate the site in which your links can be seen. This is the very reason why link building is not an easy job and a lot of things are considered. But in the end it will pay off great.


Your website will become a phenomenon even if it does not possess a good content nor information the moment that you link a university or a government site into your domain. But then these are of no use to you since all you need are websites that are related to your domain. This simply implies that you need a website that will provide you with a backlink that is also related to your website. The quality of the links that you will be using should always be considered. It should be a top priority since this is helpful in making the list of different locations that are essential in which you can build a backlink to your domain.

Purchase links: There are companies that offer certain links for a price. And if you are considering buying one, it is important that you go for a link that you think would give you more money.

Asking for links: If you happen to visit blogs that has content that is relevant to you website, you may always ask them if they can post a link to your site. This is very effective in other times but not at most times.

Link exchange programs: This is a type of program when you exchange trades with individuals who have the same motives that you have -- on the lookout of a quality link. Disregard the links that you think are not that popular in doing this backlinking.

Directory registrations: Through this, your website will be registered in a directory. This is an easy way wherein you will be able to get a link that will point back at your site. This would consume a large amount of your time. But at some point it is really of use. Some dierctories are very popular with the search engines which then could be a good source for potential backlinks.

Article submission: By submitting some articles to article directories, an SEO expert will be able to build srtong backlinks. Through using article directories, you will be able to achieve sure win in your backlinks. This article directory is widely known in search engines.

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