The Benefits of E-cigs

By Debasmita Roy

Less harmful toxins help you to save money, no tar and decrease the rate of people affected by second hand smoke; may I need to say more? All these are advantages of electronic cigarettes or just e-cigarettes. Manufacturing cost is skyrocketing and to all the consumers all over the world, a pack of cigarettes is something that you need to buy in spite of any price hike. It has just turned into a requirement as opposed to the special practice. But worry no more I say as e-cigarettes can save you $4 or more for each and every pack as opposed to the traditional $8 tobacco cigarettes.

This sure is a big savings for those who smoke 1-3 packs a day. Non-smokers are entitled to a number of perks to include welcoming environments, low insurance premiums, healthy lifestyle and of course succulent appetites.

We all know that smoking can be dangerous to our health, but this of course wouldn't prevent a chain smoker from lighting up another stick. Cigarette smoking related death cases are estimated at 400,000 each year and it's still increasing annually. Despite this fact, the number of smokers continues to grow taking no notice of its harmful and often times lethal effects. With the introduction of the e-cigarette in the market, it seems that all hope isn't lost after all, for those who would like to quit smoking. Be it for personal or for their loved ones sake, smokers can now try rehabilitation, without experiencing the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms thanks to e-cigarettes.

This battery powered device is a astute alternative to the actual act of smoking, literally in this case. It's definitely a smarter and safest way to say goodbye to conventional cigarettes. It contains less nicotine but provides the same flavor and the pleasurable sensations that smokers crave in tobacco smoke.

E-cigarette comes with nicotine reusable cartridges available in varying strengths. Users can make their choices between high, medium or zero nicotine and menthol flavors. It helps people to cut down their nicotine consumption. Some also have a smart chip that automatically turns off the device if you inhale too much of the flavor in the specified time interval or simply if it is idle for a phase of time. Like any other cigarettes that come in various variants. To meet your smoking needs you can also choose your best pick from a wide selection of e-cigarettes. There's micro (50mm-99mm), super mini (100mm-115mm), mini (116mm-139mm), pen style (140mm-160mm), e-cigar and e-pipe cigarettes depending on your choice. These tastes appear and function just like the real ones without the harmful effects.

Smokers will no longer be restricted to designated smoking areas. You will definitely not get into trouble by smoking in a public area as e-cigarettes are safe even to non-smokers. It can't get any better than this. Go ahead and try one out now.

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